Terms of Service

When booking any service with Easy Clean Amsterdam, you agree to comply with these terms & conditions.

To book our cleaning services, clients must contact us through our designated booking channels, which may include our website, phone, or email. Bookings are subject to availability, and we recommend scheduling appointments in advance to secure your preferred time and date.


If our cleaning team arrives at the client’s location and discovers unsafe working conditions that could endanger their well-being, the Company reserves the right to refuse service until the situation is rectified.Unsafe working conditions may include, but are not limited to, the presence of toxic substances, structural damages, exposed electrical wires, or hazardous debris.


Clients are responsible for providing accurate contact information, including address, email, and phone number. Clients are responsible for ensuring that the premises are safe and secure for cleaning personnel to carry out their duties. Clients must inform the Company of any potential hazards or safety concerns before the scheduled cleaning service.


Clients must ensure that our cleaning team has safe and unobstructed access to the premises during the scheduled cleaning time. Clients may provide a key or access code for entry, which will be handled with utmost confidentiality and returned at the end of each service.


Our cleaning services encompass the tasks detailed in the service package you have selected. Our cleaners are dedicated to providing a thorough and efficient cleaning experience within the allotted time. To ensure optimal results, we kindly request that you take a few moments to tidy up the areas to be cleaned. This includes removing clutter, personal items, and belongings from surfaces and floors. Your cooperation in preparing the space will allow our cleaners easy access to the areas/surfaces that require cleaning.If you’d like our cleaners to do these additional tasks for you, call the office in advance so your cleaning fee can be adjusted for the additional time.


Prior to the commencement of any cleaning service, clients will be required to review and sign a service agreement. This agreement will outline the specific services to be performed, the schedule, and the applicable fees. Any modifications or additional services requested by the client after the initial agreement will be documented and may result in adjustments to the service fees.


Easy Clean Amsterdam offers cleaning services wherein the customer has the option to provide the cleaning supplies, however, they need to provide the mop and vacuum cleaner, for use during the cleaning service. If the Customer chooses to not provide cleaning materials and supplies, they need to inform the company during booking.


Clients must provide at least 24 hours’ notice for any cancellations or rescheduling of cleaning appointments. Failure to provide adequate notice may result in a cancellation fee of €50.


In the event that no cleaners arrive at your scheduled cleaning appointment due to some unforseen circumstances, and you have already made a payment. Our first course of action will be to reschedule your cleaning appointment at a time that is convenient for you. We understand that your time is valuable, and we will do our best to accommodate your preferred schedule. If rescheduling is not suitable for you or does not meet your needs, we will proceed with the cancellation of your booking and initiate the refund process. Refunds will be processed in the next 3-5 business days after the cancellation request has been approved. Please note that the refund amount will be returned to the original payment method used for the booking.


Payment can be made using credit/debit card and IDeal as indicated on the invoice. Payment for cleaning services shall be due and payable upon completion of the service.The customer agrees to settle the payment within 7 calendar days from the date of service completion.If payment is not settled within 30 calendar days from the date of service completion, the debt collection process will be initiated.The debt collection process will be conducted in collaboration with Debt Collector CW & Partners.


All communication must be kept between the client and Easy Clean Amsterdam. To ensure efficient coordination and maintain professionalism, Customers are strictly prohibited from contacting the Company’s cleaning personnel directly. Customers may contact the Company by phone or email, regarding cleaning services, scheduling, changes, inquiries, feedback, or any other matter


Easy Clean Amsterdam is committed to providing high-quality cleaning services while taking utmost care of our customers’ property and belongings. In the unlikely event that an item is damaged during the cleaning service, the Customer must report it to the Company within 24 hours of the service completion. The report should include a detailed description of the damaged item, along with photographic evidence, if possible.


The Company offers pet-friendly cleaning services, and our cleaning personnel are comfortable and experienced in working in homes with pets.Customers with pets are responsible for informing the Company of the presence of pets in their home during the booking process. Customers must provide any relevant information about their pets, including special instructions or concerns related to their care during the cleaning service.

For the safety of our cleaning personnel and the pets, Customers must ensure that their pets are safely contained or supervised during the cleaning service. If the Customer is unable to secure their pets, we may request to reschedule the cleaning appointment for the safety of all parties involved.


By engaging our cleaning services, customers agree to grant the Company permission to capture and use photographs or videos of the cleaning services. The primary purpose of photography and videography during cleaning services is to ensure the quality and accuracy of our work. The Company may also use such media for promotional and marketing materials, including but not limited to our website, social media, brochures, or other advertising platforms. 

While using photos and videos for promotional purposes, the Company will prioritize the privacy of our Customers. Whenever possible, we will avoid capturing identifiable information, such as faces, personal items, or address details, in the media used for promotion.

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